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Inspired by Amelia Earhart

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Anne Fiyalka was not the first young girl to be inspired by Amelia Earhart.  The aviator was one of the most famous women of her time. Anne, then a high school student, not only met Earhart, but she flew with her! A short eight months before Earhart’s plane disappeared over the Pacific Ocean during an round the world flight attempt, Earhart spoke at Anne’s all-girls high school. Her words left a lasting impression on Anne.  “She said, it’s not only a man’s world – it’s a woman’s world as well,” recalled Anne, now 101 years old.

An honor student, Anne and two of her classmates were selected to take a flight with Earhart immediately following the assembly. It was an experience of a lifetime and Anne’s first flight. Something she has remembered and recounted all these many years.

So when the opportunity arose to take a turboprop plane out of the same airport and fly over the same territory that she had seen during the Earhart flight, this 101-year-old jumped at the chance.  That, my friends, is called living at 100:100 – 100% for literally 100 years or more! Apparently it’s only only a woman’s world, but it’s a centenarian’s world as well!

Curious about how Anne got a second chance to recreate that amazing experience? Her story of flying high will amaze you! Keep reading…





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